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About Us
With over 20 years in business and more than ten years on the Internet, we offer a complete collection of quality cosmetic, skincare and haircare products.

About AspectPrime

AspectPrime offers a full line of the highest quality skincare, cosmetic and haircare products. Until recently, these types of products have only been available in professional skincare and haircare salons. They are comparable in quality to the expensive European brands, but because they are manufactured in the United States, we can offer them at costs that are reasonable for consumers. Our skincare products are formulated to meet the needs of discriminating clients. The formulations are water-based, fragrance-free, dye-free and lanolin-free and the masques are gel-based. All products are formulated with the very lowest possible levels of preservatives. Skincare programs are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Using a regular skincare program will improve the overall appearance, texture and tone of your skin. These products are very active and are an investment in the future of your appearance. We will recommend a program for you and adjust it to meet your concerns.

Our products are formulated from naturals plants, oils and extracts and are both very gentle to the skin and highly effective. Only a small amount of product is necessary. All our products are suitable for Sensitive Skin.

Everyone has a predetermined path for their skin. Often you'll notice family traits inherent in the skin such as freckles, pore size, tendency to adult acne and wrinkle patterns. While genetics provide a valuable clue as to the tendencies and potential of the skin, there is also the important consideration of care and lifestyle. Exposure is a prime culprit in the accelerated aging of the skin. Proper care, including regular cleansing and exfoliation smoothes the skin and paves the way for restorative treatments to follow.

Our products are specifically formulated for people who are seriously interested in their skin. The products are designed to help rather than hide your skin. The ultimate goal is to bring your skin to "normal" and give you a smooth, soft, glowing complexion. Using the proper combination of products will improve skin tone and texture, reduce the severity and frequency of breakouts and keep your skin beautiful all day.

Our cosmetic products are equally impressive and include a full range of products and colors to meet all needs. Our products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and are dermatologist tested.

We offer a complete range of products and also a variety of custom blend products to extend the available product offerings. We allow you to order custom products or to customize many products including eye shadow and blush compacts.

Our Haircare Products meet the same high standards as our skincare products. They have been developed with the highest quality ingredients, lowest level of preservatives and have been designed to work effectively with a minimum amount of product.

AspectPrime has been in business since 1986. We originally started shipping to our local clients when they moved away from the area. By 1989 we were shipping internationally and had a well-established mail order business. The Internet was a natural extension of our existing business. We established a web site in 1995 and have been actively supporting our web business with regular monthly updates since.

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